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All About Jazz

1934, an early exploration and study of jazz
Stanley R Nelson
Heath Cranton, London, 1934
Music | Hard Cover | First Editions

Huit Siecles de Poesie Francaise

Eight centuries of French poetry, in a fine leather binding from Hatchette of London
B H Chamberlain, editor
Payot, Paris, 1927
Poetry | Hard Cover | First Editions | Leather Bound

Le Pot de Basilic

A first edition French novel in Hatchette of London leather binding
Madeleine Clemenceau-Jacquemaire
J Tallandier, Paris, 1928
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions | Leather Bound

Corona Benignitatis Anni Dei

Paul Caludel's poetry in an attractive leather binding from Hatchette
Paul Claudel
Nouvelle Revue Francaise, Paris, 1920
Poetry | Hard Cover | Leather Bound

L'Annonce faite à Marie

A 1914 edition of Claudel's play, The Tidings Brought to Mary
Paul Claudel
Nouvelle Revue Francaise, Paris, 1914
Drama | Hard Cover | Leather Bound

Half Holiday Pastimes for Children

1914, including Japanese gardens, sweet-making, photography...
Gladys Beattie Crozier
T C & E C Jack, London, 1914
Crafts | Hard Cover | First Editions

Six British Soldiers

Cromwell, Marlborough, Wellington, Moore, Abercromby, and Stuart
Sir John Fortescue
Williams and Norgate, London, 1928
Military & War | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

The Secret of Laughter (Signed copy)

Signed by Shusha Guppy, magical tales from classical Persia
Shusha Guppy
I B Tauris, London, 2005
Mythology, Customs & Folklore | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Dustwrapper

John Halifax, Gentleman (Signed copy)

With Mrs Craik's cut signature, and signed by the publishers
Dinah Maria Craik, as Dinah Maria Mulock. Illustrated by Oswald Moser and G F Nicholls, and with an introduction by Gordon Home
A & C Black, London, 1912
Fiction | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | Limited Editions | First thus

A Touch of Earth (Signed copy)

Signed by Janina David, her second volume of wartime autobiography
Janina David
Hutchinson, London, 1966
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Dustwrapper

War As It Is

1892, a pacifist lecture
Wilhelm Carlsen, translated by P H Peckover
Swan Sonnenschein, London, 1892
Military & War | Hard Cover | First Editions

1066 and All That, A Play (Signed copy)

Signed by Reginald Arkell, Alfred Reynolds, Naunton Wayne & five other cast members
Reginald Arkell, based on the book by W C Sellar and R J Yeatman
Methuen, London, 1935
Drama | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | Dustwrapper

Minority Verdict (Signed copy)

Signed by Robert Mark, the 1973 Dimbleby Lecture
Sir Robert Mark
BBC, London, 1973
Politics, Law & Economics | Soft Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions

Homer's The Odyssey

Vols 5 & 6, translated by Pope, each with four plates including 3 by Fuseli
Homer, translated by Alexander Pope
F J Du Roveray, London, 1806
Classics | Hard Cover | Leather Bound

Upper Nubia and Abyssinia

A fold-out map from Keith Johnston's Royal Atlas
Keith Johnston
W & A K Johnston, Edindburgh, 1870
Maps | Hard Cover

Cumberland and Westmorland, Ancient and Modern

The People, Dialect, Superstitions and Customs (1857)
J Sullivan
Whittaker & Co, London, 1857
Topography & Local Interest | Hard Cover | First Editions

Brewers in Hertfordshire

A Historical Gazetteer
Allan Whitaker
University of Hertfordshire Press, Hatfield, 2006
Food & Drink | Soft Cover | First Editions

A Manual of Pushtu

A 1922 study of the Pashto language
Major G Roos-Keppel, and Qazi Abful Ghani Khan, assisted by Sahibzada Abdul Qayum
Crosby, Lockwood & Son, London, 1922
Reference | Hard Cover

The Luck of Roaring Camp

A Readers Library edition in very good condition
Bret Harte
Readers Library, London, 1930
Fiction | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Pack My Bag, A Self-Portrait

Henry Green's autobiography written at the age of 35...
Henry Green
The Hogarth Press, London, 1952
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Countless Stones

Richard Long's 21 Day Footpath Walk, Central Nepal 1983. Views Looking Forward, in Sequence.
Richard Long
Van Abbemuseum and Openbaar Kunstbezit, Eindhoven, 1983
Photography | Hard Cover | First Editions | Limited Editions

What Wood is That?

A Manual of Wood Identification, with 40 actual veneer samples
Herbert L Edlin
Stobart and Son, London, 1977
Crafts | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Snowdrop and Other Tales

1920, with 20 colour plates by Arthur Rackham
The Brothers Grimm, illustrated by Arthur Rackham
Constable, London, 1920
Illustrated | Hard Cover | First Editions

Instead of a Letter

The remarkable Diana Athill's autobiography
Diana Athill
The Reprint Society, London, 1965
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper | First thus

The Days of My Life

The first volume of H Rider Haggard's autobiography
Henry Rider Haggard, edited by C J Longman
Longmans, Green & Co, London, 1926
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover | First Editions

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