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The Life Elysian

The second book of Aphraar's journey on the other side.
Robert James Lees
Rider & Co, London, 1920
Religions, Beliefs & Spirituality | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

The Member of the Wedding

First US edition of Carson McCullers' classic
Carson McCullers
Houghton, Mifflin & Co, Boston, 1946
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions

Mr Attlee, An Interim Biography (Signed copy)

Signed by Roy Jenkins, his study of Clement Attlee
Roy Jenkins
William Heinemann, London, 1948
Politics, Law & Economics | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions

Songs of Joy; New Poems; and Foliage and other poems

Three W H Davies poetry books, all in an attractive patterned paper binding
W H Davies
Jonathan Cape, London, 1922
Poetry | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Journal of the Printing-Office at Strawberry Hill

Limited edition, "Now First Printed from the MS. of Horace Walpole"
Horace Walpole, with notes by Paget Toynbee
Constable, London, 1923
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover | First Editions | Limited Editions | Leather Bound

Richard Cosway, R.A.

In a delightfully decorative binding
George C Williamson
George Bell & Sons, London, 1905
Art | Hard Cover | First Editions

Mont Pelee and the Tragedy of Martinique

Heilprin's study of the 1902 volcanic eruption
Angelo Heilprin
J B Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1903
History | Hard Cover | First Editions

Aux Nations Glorieuses 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917

An incredibly scarce commemorative album with 10 hand-painted gouache allegorical illustrations representing the Great War Allied forces.
Michel Pozzi
M Pozzi, Paris, 1917
Military & War | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Limited Editions | Fine Bindings | Hand-painted

The Friendly Tree and Starting Point

Two early novels from C Day Lewis
C Day Lewis
Jonathan Cape, London, 1936
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions

La Democrazia Cristiana e il Marxismo

A 1944 Italian political discussion on Christian Democracy and Marxism
Mario Baronci, and Giuseppe Togni
Il Segno, Rome, 1944
Politics, Law & Economics | Soft Cover | First Editions

The Littlest One (Signed copy)

This copy has been signed and inscribed by Italia Conti, the actress and founder of the acting school
Marion St John Adcock, pseud. Mrs Sidney H Webb. Illustrated by Margaret Tarrant
George G. Harrap, London, 1918
Childrens | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | Association Copy

Additions and Corrections to the Haggard Bibliography

Limited edition (21/100), bibliographic details of Henry Rider Haggard's works
G L McKay, and J L Scott
The Mitre Press, London, 1939
Literary Criticism | Hard Cover | First Editions | Limited Editions

The Badgers

Leonov's novel of peasant life in the Russian Revolution
Leonid Leonov, translated from the Russian by Hilda Kazanina
Hutchinson, London, 1947
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

The Enormous Room

Cummings' autobiographical novel of his Great War captivity
E E Cummings, with an introduction by the author
The Modern Library, New York, 1949
Fiction | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Voice out of Darkness

A classic thriller from Ursula Curtiss
Ursula Curtiss
Evans Brothers, London, 1949
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

A Life's Morning

An early novel from George Gissing
George Gissing
Smith, Elder & Co, London, 1914
Fiction | Hard Cover

The Secret Battle

A P Herbert's novel of the Great War
A P Herbert, with an introduction by Winston S Churchill
Methuen, London, 1928
Fiction | Hard Cover

Love and Freindship and Other Early Works

Jane Austen's juvenilia
Jane Austen, preface by G K Chesterton
Chatto & Windus, London, 1929
Fiction | Hard Cover

We'll Go No More A-Roving

The autobiography of Freddie Bartin, socialite, bridge expert, soldier, traveller...
Freddie Barton
Joiner and Steele Ltd, London, 1937
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Pilgrimage from Nenthead

Chester Armstrong's autobiography
Chester Armstrong
Methuen, London, 1938
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

G.Q.G. Secteur 1 (Signed copy)

Signed by Jean de Pierrefeu to J J Frappa. A French Great War history
Jean de Pierrefeu
L'Edition Francais Illustree, Paris, 1920
Military & War | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Association Copy

Good Gestes (Signed copy)

Signed by P C Wren, further stories of Beau Geste and the French Foreign Legion
P C Wren
John Murray, London, 1929
Fiction | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions

With the Persian Expedition

An illustrated history of the Dunsterforce in Persia in the Great War
Major M H Donohoe
Edward Arnold, London, 1919
Military & War | Hard Cover | First Editions

Savage Messiah (Signed copy)

The life of Gaudier-Brzeska, signed by H S "Jim" Ede, founder of Kettle's Yard
H S Ede
William Heinemann, London, 1931
Art | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions


Its Principles and Practice as a Branch of Engineering (1907)
Robert Hanbury Brown
Constable, London, 1907
Science & Technology | Hard Cover | First Editions

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