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The Coming of the Monster

A Tale of the Masterful Monk
Owen Francis Dudley
Longmans, London, 1938
Fiction | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper | First thus

The Ace of Games

An Intimate Talk on Soccer (1944), in the rare original wrapper
Alec E Whitcher, foreword by George F Allison and cartoons & sketches by Reg Carter
Southern Press, Brighton, 1944
Sports & Hobbies | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Political Ideals

1917, five essays by Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell
The Century Co, New York, 1917
Politics, Law & Economics | Hard Cover | First Editions

The Wind the Shakes the Barley

and The Song in the Green Thorn Tree, both rebound in red leather
James Barke
Collins, London, 1946
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions | Leather Bound

The New Forget-Me-Not, A Calendar (Signed copy)

Signed by contributor, Godfrey Childe.
Rex Whistler, with contributions from Vita Sackville-West, Clive Bell, Cyril Connolly, Rose Macaulay, Hugh Walpole etc
Cobden-Sanderson, London, 1929
Illustrated | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions

Love's Progress, or The Education of Araminta (Signed copy)

This copy signed by Humbert Wolfe
James Laver
The Nonesuch Press, Bloomsbury, London, 1929
Poetry | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Limited Editions | Association Copy

Float & Fly, A Little Book for Anglers (Signed copy)

Signed by the editor, Samuel J Looker
Samuel J Looker, editor. Frontispiece by Claud Lovat Fraser
Daniel O'Connor, London, 1922
Sports & Hobbies | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions

A Sheaf of Greek Folk Songs

Gleaned by an Old Philhellene (1922)
Countess Evelyn Martinengo Cesaresco
Basil Blackwell, Oxford, 1922
Mythology, Customs & Folklore | Hard Cover | First Editions

Dan Leno, Hys Booke

A Volume of Frivolities Autobiographical, Historical, Philosophical, Anecdotal and Nonsensical
Dan Leno
Greening & Co, London, 1904
Autobiography & Biography | Hard Cover

The Child's Discovery of Death

Published under the storm clouds of the Second World War
Sylvia Anthony, introduction by Professor J C Flugel
Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co Ltd, London, 1940
Psychology | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

This Jewel Remains

A photographic record of the Exeter Baedeker raid of May 1942
M C B Hoare, compiler
The Western Times Co, Exeter, 1947
Military & War | Hard Cover | First Editions

The Bond

Neith Boyce's 1908 novel of open marriage
Neith Boyce
Duckworth & Co, London, 1908
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions

Plays of Gods and Men

A collection of four of Lord Dunsany's plays
Lord Dunsany
The Talbot Press Ltd, Dublin, 1918
Drama | Hard Cover

The Unknown Murderer

Reik criminological and psychological study of murder and its investigation
Theodor Reik, translated from the German by Dr Katherine Jones
The Hogarth Press, London, 1936
Psychology | Hard Cover | First Editions

General Headquarters 1914–1916 and its Critical Decisions

This copy signed by WW1 RAF flying ace Ira Jones
Erich von Falkenhayn
Hutchinson, London, 1919
Military & War | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Association Copy

A Catalogue of Star Chamber Proceedings Relating to Wales

No 1 in the History and Law series from the Board of Celtic Studies of the University of Wales
Ifan Ab Owen Edwards, compiler
University Press, Cardiff, 1929
History | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Death to the French

An early C S Forster Peninsular War adventure
C S Forester
John Lane, The Bodley Head, London, 1932
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions

Wonderful Mrs Marriott

A novel from Josephine Bell
Josephine Bell
Longmans, Green & Co, London, 1948
Fiction | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

1923, in a rare original dustwrapper
Arthur Conan Doyle
John Murray, London, 1923
Fiction | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Handbook of the West African Gold Mines

complete with map and supplement
H Taylor, supplement by I A Howie
Hutchinson's Scientific and Technical Publications, London, 1946
History | Hard Cover | First Editions

Les Chants du Bivouac

1914, a rare collection of soldier songs from the Great War
Theodore Botrel, preface by Maurice Barres, illustrated by Carlegle, and with a portrait of the author by Paul Jobert
Payot et Cie, Paris, 1914
Military & War | Soft Cover | First Editions

Bhartrihari Says (Signed copy)

A rare first edition, signed by illustrator Zabelle C Boyajian
Dixon Scott, illustrated by Zabelle C Boyajian
Frederick Muller, London, 1940
Poetry | Hard Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Poems & 1914 and other poems

Rupert Brooke's poetry, early printings in a fine leather binding by Bumpus
Rupert Brooke
Sidgwick & Jackson, London, 1916
Poetry | Hard Cover | Fine Bindings | Leather Bound

The History of the South African Forces in France

John Buchan's account of the South Africans on the Western Front
John Buchan
Thomas Nelson, London, 1920
Military & War | Hard Cover | First Editions

The New Mysticism

Six Lectures Given in Kensington, and at Cobham, Surrey, November 1906 by Adela Curtis
Adela Curtis
Curtis and Davison, London, 1906
Religions, Beliefs & Spirituality | Hard Cover | First Editions

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