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Ten volumes of Lectionary companions and guides

including the Literary Companion and Common Lectionary
Various, London, Norwich etc, n.d.
Religions, Beliefs & Spirituality | Soft Cover

Seven books on left-wing politics, history etc

including the Communist Party's 1990 strategy and issues of the New Left Review
Various, London etc, n.d.
Politics, Law & Economics | Soft Cover

Four books on left-wing politics, theory and history

including Lenin, Marx, Engels and Stalin
Various, including Lenin, Marx etc
Lawrence & Wishart, London, n.d.
Politics, Law & Economics | Soft Cover | Mixed bindings

18 Pelican paperbacks

including E P Thompson's The Making of the English Working Class
Various, including E P Thompson, R D Laing and E J Hobsbawm
Pelican, London, n.d.
Collections | Soft Cover

New Direction, Number Seven, 1942

including Ford Madox Ford and Franz Kafka
Various, including Franz Kafka, Montagu O'Reilly, John Russell McCarthy etc
New Directions, Norfolk, Connecticut, 1942
Essays | Hard Cover | First Editions

Five books on William Shakespeare, biography, criticism etc

including work by F E Halliday and Louis Marder
Various, London, n.d.
William Shakespeare | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Six hardback books on Shakespeare, his Life and Work

including the Ireland Shakespeare forgeries
Various, including Bernard Grebanier and Louis Marder
Various, London, n.d.
William Shakespeare | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

Nine books on William Shakespeare, Life and Works

including E M W Tillyard and John Russell Brown
Various, London and New York, n.d.
William Shakespeare | Soft Cover

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