Nicholas Hawksmoor

Rebuilding Ancient Wonders


Vaughan Hart


Paul Mellon Centre / Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 2002
Nicholas HawksmoorNicholas HawksmoorNicholas Hawksmoor

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First edition, first printing. Hardback in dustwrapper. 28.5 × 23cm, 299pp.

The diverse works of architect Nicholas Hawksmoor (1661–1736) ranged from small architectural details to ambitious urban plans, from new parish churches to work on the monument of his age, St Paul's Cathedral. As a young man Hawksmoor assisted Christopher Wren and John Vanbrugh, emerging from these formidable apprenticeships to design some of the most vigorous and dramatic buildings in England. In this study, architectural historian Vaughan Hart examines both Hawksmoor's built and planned work. In addition, he explains Hawksmoor's theory of architecture. Most famous for his brooding London churches and the mausoleum at Castle Howard, Hawksmoor also designed the twin towers of Westminster Abbey and, in Oxford, the Clarendon Building and college of All Souls. He dreamed of transforming the historic centres of Oxford and Cambridge into ideal cities, and at Westminster he planned a new bridge and triumphal route to celebrate London's growing status as a world capital. Hart explains why Hawksmoor's buildings look the way they do, what contemporary events influenced his work, and how such ancient buildings as Solomon's temple and Mausolus's tomb inspired him. He underscores the unique qualities of the architect's accomplishments and aspirations, revealing his role in the development of English architecture.


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Nicholas HawksmoorNicholas HawksmoorNicholas Hawksmoor

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