Words on Mime

Etienne Decroux's thoughts and writings on mime


Etienne Decroux, translated by Mark Piper


Mime Press, Claremont, California, 1985
Words on MimeWords on MimeWords on Mime

Printing Details

Reprint. Paperback. 21.5 × 17.5cm, 160pp

First published in France in 1963, this was the first book written by a mime on the art of mime. Taken from lectures, articles, unpublished essays and notes for his classes, these are Decroux's discussions on the art of mime, and shows how it differs from the ancient art of pantomime, comparing it to dance and theatre, demonstrating its relevance to actors of any type of theatre. Illustrated with photographs.


The contents are in very good condition, but the front cover is scuffed a little from price-stickers.

Words on MimeWords on MimeWords on Mime

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