Clara Schumann, signed & handwritten postcard

Undated, but sent on one her London visits


Clara Schumann


Not Published, n.d.
Clara Schumann, signed & handwritten postcardClara Schumann, signed & handwritten postcardClara Schumann, signed & handwritten postcard

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This is a handwritten postcard, signed by Clara Schumann, the German pianist, composer, and piano teacher.

The card measures 9 × 11.5cm and reads:

London March 26th.

42 Hyde Park Gate

Dear Madam

I shall avail your daughter on Thursday or Friday at 10½ o'clock.

Yours very sincerely

Clara Schumann

Clara Schumann (nee Wieck) married the German composer Robert Schumann in 1840. She made regular visits and musical recital tours of England, and particularly to London during the years 1856 and 1888, and often gave musical lessons alongside her concerts and recitals. It is thought this card would relate to such a lesson. The card is undated but is probably from the 1870s/1880s.


The postcard is in good condition for age, with some creasing to the top left corner. The reverse is blank.


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