Second Stage Lensmen

1953, the fifth Lensman story of E E "Doc" Smith


Edward E Smith, Ph.D, aka E E "Doc" Smith, illustrated by Ric Binkley


Fantasy Press, Reading, Pennsylvania, 1953
Second Stage LensmenSecond Stage LensmenSecond Stage Lensmen

Printing Details

First edition (in book form). Hardback in dustwrapper. 19.5 × 13cm, 307pp.

The fifth of the Lensman stories, first published in the Astounding Science Fiction magazine in 1941/1942. This novel was the last to feature Kimball Kinnison as the most powerful Lensman in the service of the Galactic Patrol. Second Stage Lensmen also features the first female Lensman, Clarissa MacDougall. The story mainly focuses upon the exploits of the "Second Stage" Lensmen: those who have gone through the advanced Arisian training Kinnison underwent in Galactic Patrol. These four superior Lensmen, Kinnison, Worsel, Tregonsee, and Nadreck, are armed with mental powers allowing them to control the minds of others and see, hear, and feel without using their physical senses (the "sense of perception"). This elite cadre allows Civilization to tip the balance against Boskone as Second Stage Lensmen abilities are ideally suited to spying and information gathering.


The book is in very good condition, with some light spotting to the pages edges. The dustwrapper is very good with some wear to the spine ends. It has not been price-clipped and is now within a protective sleeve.

Second Stage LensmenSecond Stage LensmenSecond Stage Lensmen

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