Malleus Maleficarum

The Hammer of Witchcraft


Jacobus Sprenger, and Hienrich Kramer, translated by Montague Summers and edited with an introduction by Pennethorne Hughes


The Folio Society, London, 1968
Malleus MaleficarumMalleus MaleficarumMalleus Maleficarum

Printing Details

First thus, hardback in slipcase. Bound in black cloth with flame design to boards and spine, title page border by B S Biro. 25 × 15.5cm, 221pp.

First written in 1486 by zealous Inquisitors of the Catholic Church, "The Witch Hammer" came to be the witch-hunting handbook of the fifteenth century. Its main purpose was to refute doubts of the existence of witchcraft, though it proceeds to prove women more susceptible than men, as well as to outline procedures that allowed law enforcers to discover and convict witches. Because of the papal bull acknowledging the validity of this previously pagan belief, the persecution of alleged witches became widespread and brutal with the printing of "Malleus Maleficarum" on the recently invented printing press. Illustrated with woodcuts from the 1626 Compendium Maleficarum.


A good copy, but the book has a sun-faded spine and a little light wear to the slipcase. The pages are clean and the inner binding is secure.

Malleus MaleficarumMalleus MaleficarumMalleus Maleficarum

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