The Normans in Scotland

A complete and detailed account from the Norman's arrival to 1165.


R L Graeme Ritchie


Unicorn Press, Edinburgh, 1954
The Normans in ScotlandThe Normans in ScotlandThe Normans in Scotland

Printing Details

First edition, first printing. Hardback in duswtrapper. 22.5 × 14.5cm, 466pp.

From the wrapper: The Normans in Scotland have hitherto received scant attention and desultory treatment. In this volume Professor Ritchie tells the story of Scoto-Norman relations from thier inception down to the year 1165, by which time the incomers had established themselves, and their history became indistinguishable from that of the Scottish people. The work, which is fully documented, describes the circumstances of the Norman arrival and settlement, the political and social scene of the period on both sides of the Channel and Tweed, the character and role of the principal dramatis personae, notably, on the one hand, the Conqueror and his sons, and on the other Malcolm Canmore, Margaret, their sons and daughters. Attention is given to the establishment of the historic Norman families; the approximate date of arrival of the first bearers of the Norman names now borne by many Scots; the introduction of the Norman feudal system and Norman institutions, such as the castle, the sheriffdom and the burgh, and the nature and extent of the Norman contribution to Scottish life and culture.


The book is in very good condition. The dustwrapper has a few small closed tears but is complete and clean.



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The Normans in ScotlandThe Normans in ScotlandThe Normans in Scotland

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