Skara Brae

A Pictish Village in Orkney


V Gordon Childe, with chapters by Prof. T H Bryce and Prof. D M S Watson


Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co Ltd, London, 1931
Skara BraeSkara BraeSkara Brae

Printing Details

First edition, first printing. Hardback in dustwrapper. 25.5 × 19cm, xiii + 208pp with with a coloured plan, 62 plates in monochrome and numerous illustrations and diagrams in the text.

From the dustwrapper, "Skara Brae is entirely composed of the debris of villages built by a people who used no metal. The huts of the Stone Age folk have been embalmed by a sand-dune and thus conserved almost entire. Their furniture was of stone, because the inhabitants of the treeless Orkneys must translate into that material articles normally fashioned of perishable wood. The settlement is unique in northern Europe, and affords a vivid picture of life in North Britain during prehistoric times... The author who has been working at Skara Brae during the last three years gives here for the the first time a complete and graphic account of all the remarkable discoveries made there since 1850, illustrated by 128 unique photographs. He reconstructs the economic and spiritual life of the villagers so as to conjure up a convincing picture, fascinating even to the layman; and discusses simply but with vast erudition the mysterious PIcts."


The book is in excellent condition. There are a few patches of light fading to the brown cloth but the binding is secure and the pages are clean. There is an inoffensive previous owner's inscription to the ffep. The dustwrapper is poor, being in very tatty condition, with heavy taped repair to all edges but is nevertheless scarce.

Skara BraeSkara BraeSkara Brae

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