AHH2, Love the Art Hate (Signed copy)

Limited edition, signed by Billy Childish, James Cauty and Steve Lowe (Harry Adams)


Billy Childish, and Harry Adams


L-13, London, 2010
AHH2, Love the Art Hate (Signed copy)AHH2, Love the Art Hate (Signed copy)AHH2, Love the Art Hate (Signed copy)

Printing Details

First edition, limited to 500 copies, privately published for subscribers. Hardback, quarter cloth with thick card boards and tipped in AHH image to upper board. 25 × 22cm, 230pp.

This copy was signed on the opening night of the L-13 Art Hate Exhibition on Cork Street in 2011 and has been signed by Billy Childish (as Reginald Dada, an artist created by Billy Childish for the exhibition), James (Jimmy) Cauty, artist and musician (KLF), and Steve Lowe (half of Harry Adams, signed as Harold Rosenbloom). Of additional interest is this copy still has Tracey Emin's quotation to the rear board as T K Emin, "Where ART HATE goes commerce follows". This is only on the first limited edition as it was shortly redacted and attributed to CCAHA.

A superbly illustrated book. "Lies, truth and fiction combine forces against reality: ART HATE is a non-organised, semi-fictional movement against art that utilises the corruptive systems and devices of art and publishing to propound and debunk its own ideology—thus creating a massive combustion of meaning and some fantastic propaganda posters."


This copy is in very good condition, it has some very light bumping to the corners and some finger marks to the card covers. The hinges have weakened a little but are still firm and the text block sags a little but otherwise this copy is in very good condition.




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AHH2, Love the Art Hate (Signed copy)AHH2, Love the Art Hate (Signed copy)AHH2, Love the Art Hate (Signed copy)

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