The Stonehenge People (Signed copy)

Signed by Rodney Castleden, an exploration of life in Neolithic Britain 4700–2000 BC


Rodney Castleden


Routledge, London, 1993
The Stonehenge People (Signed copy)The Stonehenge People (Signed copy)The Stonehenge People (Signed copy)

Printing Details

Reprint, paperback. 21.5 × 13.5cm, 282pp.

Signed by Rodney Castleden directly to the title page.

Of all the monuments left by the past, Stonehenge is the most evocative, the most memorable, and the most mysterious. Rodney Castleden's vivid presentation of the world of megaliths answers many of the most baffling questions about Stonehenge. There are, he stresses, few absolute certainties, but from the vast body of evidence assembled during the last hundred years, it is now possible to get much closer to the truth than ever before. Who built the monuments and for what purpose? How were the bluestones moved from the sacred mountains of the west to Salisbury Plain? Who were the people responsible for this amazing undertaking, and what did they think and believe? Rodney Castleden presents an illuminating and convincing interpretation of Stonehenge's cultural context and historical meaning.


This copy is in very good condition, with a light crease to the spine.





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