The Key to the Mysteries

Translated by Aleister Crowley


Eliphas Levi, translated with notes and an introduction by Aleister Crowley


Rider & Co, London, 1977
The Key to the MysteriesThe Key to the MysteriesThe Key to the Mysteries

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Paperback. 21.5 × 14cm, 215pp.

Eliphas Levi was steeped in the Western occult tradition and a master of the Rosicrucian interpretation of the Qabalah, which forms the basis of magic as practiced in the West today. The Key of the Mysteries represents the culmination of Levi's thoughts and is written with subtle and delicate irony. It reveals the mysteries of religion and the secrets of the Qabalah, providing a sketch of the prophetic theology of numbers. The mysteries of nature, such as spiritualism and fluidic phantoms, are explored. Magical mysteries, the Theory of the Will with its 22 axioms are divulged. And finally it offers "the great practical secrets."


A very good copy, with just a little light wear to the covers.



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