Chapman's Odyssey (Signed copy)

Signed by Paul Bailey


Paul Bailey


Bloomsbury, London, 2011
Chapman's Odyssey (Signed copy)Chapman's Odyssey (Signed copy)Chapman's Odyssey (Signed copy)

Printing Details

First edition, first printing, hardback in dustwrapper. 22 × 14cm, 211pp.

Signed and dated directly to the title page by Paul Bailey.

Harry Chapman is not well, and he doesn't like hospitals. Furthermore, Dr Pereira's wonder drug is causing some strange side effects: he can hear more than the usual quotient of voices. First, it is his mother, acerbic and disappointed in him as ever, but then more and more voices add their differing notes and stories to the chorus, squabbling, cajoling and commenting. Friends from childhood, lovers, characters from novels and poetry, Virginia Woolf and a man who wants to sell him T.S Eliot's teeth.


This copy is in very good condition, with a little light wear to the wrapper.



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