A Pre-Raphaelite Circle

with handwritten letter from the author


Raleigh Trevelyan


Rowman & Littlefield, Totowa, New Jersey, 1978
A Pre-Raphaelite CircleA Pre-Raphaelite CircleA Pre-Raphaelite Circle

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First edition, hardback in dustrapper. 22 × 14cm, 256pp.

This review copy comes from the library of Professor Morton N Cohen, the pre-eminent Lewis Carroll scholar. He was a friend of the author and loosely inserted is a handwritten letter from Trevelyan.

Pauline Trevelyan, friend and patroness of so many in the Pre-Raphaelite circle, has long been an intriguing figure to scholars of that period. The daughter of a poor parson, she was married to Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan, a landowner-cum-scientist twenty years her senior and her opposite in character. Herself an artist, writer and critic, she spotted Swinburne's talents when he was still a schoolboy, and commissioned important works from Rossetti, Woolner and others. From her immense correspondence we learn much about John Ruskin. A Pre-Raphaelite Circle reproduces a late-unearthed letter from Ruskin that is revelatory in respect of his marriage. For this and many other reasons it is a crucial work of reference for students of Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites.


Very good condition.



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