The Evidence of Things Not Seen

James Baldwin's essay on American race relations


James Baldwin


Holt, Reinhart & Winston, New York, 1985
The Evidence of Things Not SeenThe Evidence of Things Not SeenThe Evidence of Things Not Seen

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First US edition, hardback in dustwrapper. 22 × 14.5cm, 125pp

In his searing and moving essay, James Baldwin explores the Atlanta child murders that took place over a period of twenty-two months in 1979 and 1980. Examining this incident with a reporter's skill and an essayist's insight, he notes the significance of Atlanta as the site of these brutal killings a city that claimed to be "too busy to hate" and the permeation of race throughout the case: the black administration in Atlanta; the murdered black children; and Wayne Williams, the black man tried for the crimes. Rummaging through the ruins of American race relations, Baldwin addresses all the hard-to-face issues that have brought us a moment in history where it is terrifying to to be a black child in white America, and where, too often, public officials fail to ask real questions about "justice for all." Baldwin takes a time-specific event and makes it timeless: "The Evidence of Things Not Seen "offers an incisive look at race in America through a lens at once disturbing and profoundly revealing."


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