Haunted England

First edition with superb wrapper & illustrations by John Farleigh


Christina Hole, illustrated by John Farleigh


Batsford, London, 1941
Haunted EnglandHaunted EnglandHaunted England

Printing Details

First edition, first printing hardback in dustwrapper. 22 × 14cm, 184pp.

From the dustwrapper: In this book an attempt has been made to collect and classify the richly diversified ghost-lore of England, which is presented under such headings as "The Ghost Belief", "The Threshold of Death", "Purposeful Ghosts", "Ghosts of the Great", "Violent Death", "Animal Ghosts", etc. Some of the tales here retold are authenticated, and supported by the evidence of trustworthy percipients; others are mere country tales handed down form generation to generation. But, as the author writes, "they all have one thing in common. All have been told and believed by the people of England at some time or another, and have enriched our lives with terror and romance". The result is a fascinating compilation, which can be read and read again, and should be doubly acceptable for the brilliant and macabre drawings by John Farleigh.


The book is in good readable condition but is heavily foxed to the pages edges, margins and endpapers. The inner binding is secure. The dustwrapper has a heavily tanned spine but is otherwise in good order. It has not been price-clipped and is now within a protective sleeve.

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Haunted EnglandHaunted EnglandHaunted England

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