Sturford Mead Visitor Book (Signed copy)

Signed by Kingsley Amis & Elizabeth Jane Howard, Craigie Aitchison, Diana Cooper, Adrian Daintrey and many more


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Not Published, 1975
Sturford Mead Visitor Book (Signed copy)Sturford Mead Visitor Book (Signed copy)Sturford Mead Visitor Book (Signed copy)

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Sturford Mead Visitors Book; 1975—2010

This is the visitors' book for Sturford Mead, a property in Corsley, Wiltshire. It is leather bound, with red felt endpapers and pastedowns and patterned page edges. It measures 24.5 × 17cm. 50 pages have been used (about a fifth of the book), with the greatest concentration of names being in the late 1970s to the mid 1980s.

Of the pages that have been used, there are approximately 20 names per page. A lot are repeat visitors, but among the guests who have signed the book are:

Heywood and Anne Hill (booksellers)

Simon and Priscilla Hodgson (she knew Proust when she was a very young girl)

Diana Cooper (nee Manners; Viscount Norwich, wife of Duff Cooper)

Ronald Scrivener, diplomat

Tim Behrens, artist

David Cecil, author and biographer

Diana Beith (Lady Beith)

Craigie Aitchison (artist)

John Harvey (author of the Resnick thrillers)

Beatrice Harlech (and other members of the Ormsby-Gore family)

Michael Rainey & Jane (nee Ormsby Gore)(fashion designer and founder of 1960s boutique Hung on You)

Adrian Daintrey (artist)

Kingsley Amis & Elizabeth Jane Howard (authors)

Lady Margaret Fortescue

Katharine Macmillan (Viscountess Macmillan of Ovenden)

Diana, Duchess of Newcastle

Denny Cordell (music producer)

Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy (biographer)

Maurice Macmillan (British MP and only son of Harold)

George Melly (author and jazz musician)

Henrietta Rous (writer)

Anne Tallentire (artist)

Tobias Rodgers (bookdealer)

Orlando Campbell (artist)

Theodore Brinkman (cricketer)

Annabel Mullion (actress)

Quentin Keynes (explorer)

Peter Arscott (artist)

This is a small selection of names and the ones that stand out... there could well be other interesting people there.


The book is in fair condition having been handled quite heavily over the years. The leather is rubbed and the inner binding is pulled and weakened throughout. However, no pages are loose and this remains an interesting item.

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Sturford Mead Visitor Book (Signed copy)Sturford Mead Visitor Book (Signed copy)Sturford Mead Visitor Book (Signed copy)

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