Day (Signed copy)

Signed by A L Kennedy, the first UK edition


A L Kennedy


Jonathan Cape, London, 2007
Day (Signed copy)Day (Signed copy)Day (Signed copy)

Printing Details

First UK edition, first printing hardback in dustwrapper. 22.5 × 14cm, 280pp.

Signed directly to the title page by A L Kennedy.

Alfred Day wanted his war. In its turmoil he found his proper purpose as the tail-gunner in a Lancaster bomber; he found the wild, dark fellowship of his crew, and—most extraordinary of all—he found Joyce, a woman to love. But that's all gone now—the war took it away. Maybe it took him, too. Now in 1949, employed as an extra in a war film that echoes his real experience, Day begins to recall what he would rather forget...


This copy is in very good condition.



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