Poetry London Volume 2, Number 9 (1943)

with superb lithographs by Graham Sutherland


Tambimuttu, (editor)


Nicholson & Watson, London, 1943
Poetry London Volume 2, Number 9 (1943)Poetry London Volume 2, Number 9 (1943)Poetry London Volume 2, Number 9 (1943)

Printing Details

First edition, stapled covers. 24 × 19cm, 64pp.

A wartime edition of this poetry and literary magazine. This issue carries three colour lithographs by Graham Sutherland being his illustrations to Francis Quarles' Hyroglyphics. Printed on high grade cartridge paper (the text of the magazine is on ordinary wartime economy paper), the lithos have been printed from the original stones by the Baynard Press. There is a double spread lithograph called Folded Hills and Blazing Taper with centre fold and staples (242 × 367 mm) and printed on the reverse of each side is Folded Hills, and Twisted Branch (both 242 × 183mm). These works were commissioned by the Nicholson & Watson for Poetry London. The cover is also an original Sutherland design.

The magazine also carries a decent selection of 1940s poetry, including Keith Douglas and Alun Lewis (both still alive at this point and both to die later in the war), Dylan Thomas, Charles Williams, Wrey Gardiner, Boris Pasternak etc etc and prose by Kathleen Raine, Henry Miller and Walter de la Mare.


The covers of the magazine are in poor condition having been well-thumbed. The covers heavily scuffed to the spine and nearly detached from the contents. The text contents are in good condition only with some tanning and corner creasing, the lithographs are in better condition, but the staples have rusted leaving some light staining around them, otherwise they are in good condition.

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Poetry London Volume 2, Number 9 (1943)Poetry London Volume 2, Number 9 (1943)Poetry London Volume 2, Number 9 (1943)

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