Edison's Frankenstein (Signed copy)

Signed by all 26 contributors


Peter Crowther, and Nick Gevers (editors)


PS Publishing, Hornsea, East Yorkshire, 2009
Edison's Frankenstein (Signed copy)Edison's Frankenstein (Signed copy)Edison's Frankenstein (Signed copy)

Printing Details

First edition, limited edition (200 copies only, this one unnumbered) hardback lacking slipcase. 21.5 × 15cm, 371pp.

This is a limited edition and has been signed by all twenty-six contributors (please see below for list) and by Edward Gauvin but I can't see him listed as an author.

A collection of twenty six short stories being: "Edison's Frankenstein" by Chris Roberson, "The Dream Curator" by Alex Irvine, "Vampire Electric" by Tony Ballantyne, "The Healer" by David Hoing, "90 Share" by Jim Trombetta, "Denny" by Kit Reed, "Unreasonable Doubt" by Simon Strantzas, "Snowman's Chance in Hell" by Robert T. Jeschonek, "Black Fragmentaria" by Michael Cobley,"Soror Mystica" by Uncle River, "The Love-Craft" by Lavie Tidhar, "Tests" by Robert Reed, "Killing the Dead" by Ian Sales, "The Horse Angel" by Marly Youmans, "The winding down of the World" by Rjurik Davidson, "The Persistence of Memory, or, This Space for Sale" by Paul Park, "'Seng, Running" by Darin C. Bradley, "Catherine, my Lionheart" by Allen Ashley, "O King of Pain and Splendor!" by Darrell Schweitzer, "Hand scratched Note" by Catherine J. Gardner, "Time Changes" by David T. Wilbanks, "Another Day in Fibbery" by Matthew Hughes, "Ragged Claws" by Lisa Tuttle, "The Denham Inheritance" by George-Olivier Chateaureynaud, "Number one fan" by Eric Schaller and "The Phoebean Egg" by Stephen Baxter. Cover art by Vincent Chong, interior illustrations by Ian Simmons and Ben Baldwin.


Good condition. As mentioned, the book is lacking the slipcase. The binding is in good order but with two small scuffs to the rear joint and minor bumping to the corners. Internally, the book is in fine condition.



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Edison's Frankenstein (Signed copy)Edison's Frankenstein (Signed copy)Edison's Frankenstein (Signed copy)

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