Nine Philosophy / Theology titles

All from the Everyman series




J M Dent, London, 1943
Nine Philosophy / Theology titlesNine Philosophy / Theology titlesNine Philosophy / Theology titles

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Nine Philosophy/Theology/Classics titles from the Everyman Library.

All books are hardbacks.

1. The City of God (de Civitae Dei) by St Augustine, 1950. Blue cloth boards. 2 volumes.

2. Ethics by Spinoza, 1948. Blue cloth boards.

3. Five Dialogues by Plato. 1949. Green cloth boards.

4. Selected Papers on Philosophy by William James, 1947. Blue cloth boards.

5. Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant, 1945. Blue cloth boards.

6. Selected Writing by Thomas Aquinas, 1950. Blue cloth boards.

7. Confessions Volume 1 by Jean Jacques Rousseau, 1943. Pink cloth boards.

8. A Treatise on Human Nature, Volume 2, by David Hume. Blue cloth boards.


All books are reading copies only, with some degree of wear and tear.

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