The Ingoldsby Legends

In an attractive but damaged Riviere binding


Thomas Ingoldsby, pseud. Richard Harris Barham, illustrated by Cruikshank, Leech etc


Henry Frowde, London, 1911
The Ingoldsby LegendsThe Ingoldsby LegendsThe Ingoldsby Legends

Printing Details

Hardback, rebound by Riviere in half-leather with gilt figures of a witch, imp, knight etc to the spine. 19.5 × 13cm, 527pp.

A collection of myths, legends, ghost stories and poetry, compiled by Thomas Ingoldsby of Tappington Manor (the pen-name of Richard Barham, a Kentish clergyman). The stories are based on real legends and mythology but are mostly deliberately humorous parodies or pastiches of medieval folklore and poetry.


Unfortunately, this attractive binding has been damaged by water. The leather is heavily scuffed to the front and the cloth covered boards are faded with staining. The page edges are stained and the inner binding is brittle. Pages 141–148 are neatly detached. A reading copy.

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The Ingoldsby LegendsThe Ingoldsby LegendsThe Ingoldsby Legends

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