Messages from Michael

Ouija board wisdom on the soul...


Chelsea Quinn Yarbro


Playboy Press, Chicago, 1979
Messages from MichaelMessages from MichaelMessages from Michael

Printing Details

First US edition, first printing hardback in dustwrapper. 21.5 × 14.5cm, 303pp.

One night in October 1970, two bored couples at a dinner party decided to amuse themselves with a Ouija board. To their astonishment, the boards abbounced "We are here with you tonight". They had contacted "Michael", an ancient entity that comes to all who ask. For nearly a decade the original four people, plus a small yet ever-changing group of followers, kept complete transcripts of every session with Michael. The depth and range, the wisdom and wit of the information is mind-boggling, fascinating and not at all frightening. Michael explains the seven ages of the soul as it reincarnates, it can be one of seven types: king, warrior, sage, priest, scholar, artisan, or slave. Your soul type remains the same throughout its incarnations. Finally, the soul reaches the last threshold of death before life in another world.


A good copy, there is some browning to the page edges and the binding has opened at p116/117 (though no page detached). The dustwrapper is faded to the spine but has not been price-clipped and is now within a protective sleeve.



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Messages from MichaelMessages from MichaelMessages from Michael

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