The Colditz Story (Signed copy)

Signed by Pat Reid


P R (Pat) Reid


Coronet, London, 1980
The Colditz Story (Signed copy)The Colditz Story (Signed copy)The Colditz Story (Signed copy)

Printing Details

Paperback reprint. 18 × 11cm, 223pp.

Signed and dated directly to the half-title page by P R Reid (28th October 1982).

Colditz was the last stop for prisoners of war during WWII. Those who persisted in escaping from other camps were sent to the impregnable fortress of Colditz Castle, situated on a rocky outcrop high above the River Mulde. Once within the walls of the castle, the Germans reasoned, escape was impossible. And yet many prisoners attempted escape and many succeeded

Pat Reid was one of those men. Appointed 'Escape Officer' by his fellow inmates, he masterminded many of the attempts. From tunnelling, to hiding in rubbish sacks, disguising themselves as German officers and even leaping from the castle walls, nothing was too dangerous or foolhardy compared to imprisonment by the enemy. Reid's own escape, in 1942, was both one of the most simple and the most daring.


This copy is in very good condition, particularly for a paperback. The spine is uncreased but there are several small nicks and chips to the edges, and a light crease across the rear cover. However, the book remains in good collectible condition.



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The Colditz Story (Signed copy)The Colditz Story (Signed copy)The Colditz Story (Signed copy)

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