A Very British Coup (Signed copy)

Signed by Chris Mullin, this copy in excellent condition.


Chris Mullin


Serpent's Tail, London, 2006
A Very British Coup (Signed copy)A Very British Coup (Signed copy)A Very British Coup (Signed copy)

Printing Details

Reprint, paperback. 20 × 13cm, 220pp.

Signed and dated by Chris Mullen to the title page. Signed at an event at the Murray Library Lecture Theatre at the University of Sunderland in November 2016 (ticket enclosed with book).

Former steel worker Harry Perkins, has, against all the odds, led the Labour Party to a stunning victory at the general election. His manifesto includes the removal of American bases, public control of finance, and the dismantling of the newspaper monopolies. The Establishment is appalled by the prospect, and secretly decides that something must be done. As M15 conspires with the city and the press barons, Perkins the PM finds himself in a no-holds-barred battle for survival.


This copy is in excellent condition.



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