Mud and Soldiers

Letters from a soldier in the Sino-Japanese War


Ashihei Hino, translated by K & L.W. Bush


Kenkyusha, Tokyo, 1939
Mud and SoldiersMud and SoldiersMud and Soldiers

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First edition, card covers. 19 × 13cm, 160pp + 1pp in Japanese.

Originally published in Japan as Mugi to Heitai, this book covers just two months in 1937. It is a collection of letters from a Japanese soldier to his younger brother during the first month of his service in the Imperial Japanese Army in the Sino-Japanese War. The letters cover his leaving Japan, his baptism of fire at Hangchow and the Japanese successes to marching up the Yangtzee Valley.


A good reading copy. The covers are foxed with some quite heavy wear to the spine. The text pages are clean if a little tanned and the binding is secure.

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Mud and SoldiersMud and SoldiersMud and Soldiers

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