Four William Trevor pieces in London Magazine


William Trevor, and Julian Maclaren-Ross, Brigid Brophy etc


Alan Ross, London, 1964
Four William Trevor pieces in London MagazineFour William Trevor pieces in London MagazineFour William Trevor pieces in London Magazine

Printing Details

Here are four issues of London Magazine, edited by Alan Ross. Each carries a short story or piece by William Trevor as well as a host of other writings.

1. December 1964 (Vol 4, No 9) William Trevor's Leaving School as well as Julian Maclaren-Ross, Brigid Brophy and Robert Hughes etc. Very good condition.

2. November 1969 (Vol 9, No 8). William Trevor's An Evening with John Joe Dempsey, as well as Bridget Riley, Roy Fuller, Robert Hughes etc, Very good condition.

3. March 1970 (Vol 9, No 12). William Trevor contributes to Some Notes on Writing Stories, as well as Jonathan Raban, Gabriel Garcia Marquez etc. This is an ex-library reading copy.

4. June 1978 (Vol 18, No 3) William Trevor's Lovers of Their Time, as well as Timothy Hyman, Leonard Quart (on Bertolucci) etc—price-sticker removed from the front cover, otherwise a very good copy.


All are in good readable condition, with the March 1970 copy being ex-library with the usual stamps.

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