The Epic of Malta (Signed copy)

Signed by one Royal Navy veteran to another who served on M/V Memnon


Winston S Churchill, (foreword)


Odhams Press, London, 1943
The Epic of Malta (Signed copy)The Epic of Malta (Signed copy)The Epic of Malta (Signed copy)

Printing Details

First edition, hardback bound in blue cloth with blindstamped Maltese Cross to upper board. 25.5 × 17.5cm, 128pp.

This copy has been signed by one veteran to another, "To Mike, Just a reminder—if you need one, of September—December 1940", then another hand has added M/V Memnon September-December 1940; S/S Phemius, February 1943. A brief internet search shows that the Imperial War Museum in London, holds the private papers of E W Casson who served as a deck officer in the MV MEMNON (August 1940—March 1941) on convoys via the Cape to the Middle East and from Egypt to Malta. The second ship mentioned, Phemius, was a British transport ship torpedoed in 1943.

A pictorial record of Malta in the Second World War, the people, the defence and intense fire it came under from the Luftwaffe. The book also records the huge dangers in keeping Malta supplied with many ships fallng victim to the German U-boats. Winston Churchill contributes a message in admiration of the struggle.


Poor. The inner binding is weak and the pages are torn to the edges. The blue cloth binding is rubbed and faded. However, an interesting item with the provenance.

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The Epic of Malta (Signed copy)The Epic of Malta (Signed copy)The Epic of Malta (Signed copy)

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