50 signed Declarations and Oaths of Allegiance, 1836

Signed by the dignitaries of Shrewsbury, Shropshire including William Hazeldine (Ironmaster) and Edward Haycock (Architect)


Shrewsbury, Shropshire


Not stated, Shrewsbury, 1836
50 signed Declarations and Oaths of Allegiance, 183650 signed Declarations and Oaths of Allegiance, 183650 signed Declarations and Oaths of Allegiance, 1836

Printing Details

This is a rare bound collection of original Declarations with Oath of Allegiances, sworn and signed by local dignitaries and councillors during 1836 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. There are fifty documents in all, in full suede binding with leather title label to upper board. It measures 32 × 20cm and has unused pages to the rear. The documents, though used and signed in Shrewsbury, were printed by Shaw and Sons, London.

The documents read: Borough of Shrewsbury. I do sincerely and faithfully promise and swear that I will be faithful and true allegiance bear to His Majesty King William, SO HELP ME GOD. DECLARATION: I [name written] do solemly and sincerely, in the Presence of God, profess, testify, and declare, upon the true faith of a Christian, That I will never exercise any Power, Authority, or Influence which I may possess by virtue of the Office of [position written in] of the Borough of [Shrewsbury written in] to injure or weaken the Protestant Church as it is by Law established in England, or to disturb the said Church, or the Bishops and Clergy of the said Church, in the possession of any Rights or Privileges to which such Church, or the said Bishops and Clergy, are or may be by Law entitled. [Signed by affiant / signatory]. This is then signed and dated by two Justices of the Peace as witnesses.

The signatories are: William Henry Cooper (Clerk to the Justices); John Vaughan (Marshall and Crier of the Court of Record); Joseph Sheppard (assessor); Edward Haycock (assessor. Haycock was a well-known architect and was responsible for the Lord Hill Monument, St Chad's School and the Music Hall in Shrewsbury, among many other buildings); Thomas Groves (assessor); Joseph Birch Jnr (assessor, this copy has not been fully signed and has not been used, he crops up again later); Charles Lloyd (assessor); Charles Birch Jnr (assessor—as seen previously); Jeffrey Lewin (auditor); Robert Burton the Younger Esquire (auditor; head of the Burton family of Longner Hall, and chairman of the Salop Old Bank); Thomas Belcher (assessor); Robert Jones (coroner); John William Bythell (Clerk of the Peace; and a local poet); John Bather (Recorder); Robert Jones (coroner; a repeat this one dated three weeks later than the first); Benjamin Pool (Councillor, Castle Ward Without); Edward Jones (Councillor, Castle Ward Within); James Sayer Jnr (Councilllor, Welsh Ward; and a rather talented painter); Charles Lloyd (Councillor, Stone Ward Within); William Heighway Jones (Councillor, Stone Ward Without); Richard Beacall (Councillor, Castle Ward Within); John Whitehurst (Councillor, Welsh Ward); John Mickleston (Councillor, Welsh Ward Without); Thomas Groves Snr (Councillor, Stone Ward Within); Frances Nevett (Councillor, Stone Ward Without); William Clement (alderman); Richard Ford (alderman); William Hazeldine (alderman, he was a pioneering Ironmaster, he worked with Thomas Telford and his ironwork designs can be seen in the Ditherington Flax Mill in Shrewsbury, the Menai Suspension Bridge; and Chirk Aqueduct, along with many other structures. His signature is also seen several times throughout the documents as a witness in his capacity of Mayor of Shrewsbury); John Bickerton Williams (alderman); Edward Locke (alderman); John Bowen Teece (alderman); Jeremiah Marshall (alderman); John Tomkies (alderman); Thomas Ward (alderman); John William Watson (alderman); John Bickerton Williams (this time as Mayor); William Cooper (town clerk, unsiged and crossed through); John William Bythell (Clerk of the Peace; unsigned and crossed through); John Gregory Brayne (Treasurer); William Schofield (Sword Bearer); John Vaughan (Marshall and Crier of the Court of Record, a second copy, dated later in the year); Richard Evans (Sergeant at Mace); William Badger (Sergeant at Mace); John Owen (Sergeant at Mace); Zachariah Price (Sergeant at Mace); Thomas Price (Bellman); John Mansell (Clerk of the Market); William Hazeldine (second copy, in his capacity as Justice of the Peace); Philip Hughes (alderman).

This is a wonderful collection of Shrewsbury local history documents.


The leather is in worn condition, missing the backstrip of the spine and heavily rubbed to the boards' edges. However, the contents are in very good condition.



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50 signed Declarations and Oaths of Allegiance, 183650 signed Declarations and Oaths of Allegiance, 183650 signed Declarations and Oaths of Allegiance, 1836

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