Western Swing (Signed copy)

Signed by Andrew Grieg, subtitled Adventures with the Heretical Buddha


Andrew Grieg


Bloodaxe Books, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1994
Western Swing (Signed copy)Western Swing (Signed copy)Western Swing (Signed copy)

Printing Details

First edition, paperback. 21.5 × 14cm, 112pp.

Signed directly to the title page by Andrew Grieg.

An adventurous long poem conjured around a displaced Scotland. Driven by rare energy, dark humour and glee, as well as a wonderful sense of what is strange and what is possible, Western Swing is an exploration of desire, loss and renewal in our lives. Combining quest narrative, shaggy-dog story, lyricism, meditations and eclectic "sampling", the poem propels us from Glencoe to Katmandu, by flying carpet to Cambridge, into the High Atlas Mountains, on to Marrakech, returning to the Celtic kingdom of Dalriada for a show-down on a pier in East Fife.


This copy is in very good condition.



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