Hitler, Whence and Whither?

Five 1934 lectures in the rise of Hitlerism, in the original dustwrapper


Wickham Steed


Nisbet & Co, London, 1934
Hitler, Whence and Whither?Hitler, Whence and Whither?Hitler, Whence and Whither?

Printing Details

First edition, third printing, hardback in dustwrapper.19 × 12.5cm, xv + 189pp.

This book is the text of five lectures given by the author in which he tries to explain the true nature of Hitlerism and to what extent it may (!) be a menace to peace. The author was the Times correspondent in Berlin, Rome and Vienna and observed the conditions in which Hitler grew up. The titles of the lectures are: 1. The Nordic Legend; 2. Hitler and the Nazi Movement; 3. Mass Suggestion and Persecution Mania; 4. Germanism and Jewry; 5. The Third Empire and the Totalitarian State.


The book is in good condition, with some tanning to the page edges. The dustwrapper is quite scarce, it suffers from small chips and tears to the edges and corners but remains in generally good condition.

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