The Future of the German Empire

A rare 1930 first edition by Hans Von Seeckt, Chief of the Reichswehr


Hans Von Seeckt, translated by Oakley Williams


Thornton Butterworth, London, 1930
The Future of the German EmpireThe Future of the German EmpireThe Future of the German Empire

Printing Details

First UK edition, hardback bound in the original blue cloth with gilt titling to front and spine. 21 × 15cm, 183pp + index.

Full title: The Future of the German Empire, Criticisms and Postulates. With a foreword specially written for the English edition.

A scarce book. The author was the Chief of the Reichswehr (the military organisation of Germany, 1919–1935) and here expresses his thoughts on the political and social problems of his day. The author organised the German military during the interwar years and was in some part responsible for the successful structure of the army that lead to the early victories in the Second World War.

Contents: 1. The Groundworks: Agriculture, Industry and Trade, 2. Social Problems, 3. Ethical Problems: Religion; Education, Scholarship and School; Science and Art; Humanitarian Institutions; The Administration of Justice, 4. The Machinery: Empire Unity; Federalism and Particularism; Self-Administration; Administrative Forms, Officialdom, and Bureaucracy; The Parliamentary System, 5. The Instruments of Might: The Police; The Defence Force, 6. Foreign Policy: In General; Economics and Policy; Alliances and Treaties; The Peace Treaty; War Guilt, 7. The Citizen: His Rights and Duties; Property; Security; Debate; 8. The Head of the State: The Form; The Functions; The Limitations; The Duties.


A fair copy. The blue cloth boards are sunned and bumped to the edges, the spine is faded. The title page is foxed and the text to a much lesser extent. The binding is a little pulled in places but still secure. There is an generic ex-libris sticker to the front pastedown. A solid but well-worn copy of this hard-to-find title.

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The Future of the German EmpireThe Future of the German EmpireThe Future of the German Empire

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