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Original documents on the Naval career of Alfred Whitehouse 1847–1907

Including two original commissions, 1850 & 1858. Whitehouse became the Paymaster-in-Chief for the Navy
Alfred Whitehouse. Paymaster-in Chief of the Royal Navy
The Office of Admiralty, London, 1847
Ephemera | Soft Cover | Signed Copies | Handwritten | Annotated

General Strike certificate 1926

issued as acknowledgement for Miss E Johnson acting as a canteen worker
Not stated
London General Omnibus Company, London, 1926
Ephemera | Soft Cover

Yitzhaq II ben Amram ben Shalma ben Tabia

Postcard signed by the 121st high Priest of the Samaritans
Not stated
Not stated, n.d.
Ephemera | Soft Cover | Signed Copies

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, signed postcard dated 1899

The first woman to qualify as a doctor in Britain in 1865
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Not Published, 1899
Ephemera | Soft Cover | Signed Copies | Handwritten

Arthur Henderson, Labour Home Secretary 1924, autographed letter

An early member of the Labour Party and Nobel Peace Prize winner
Arthur Henderson
Not Published, London, 1924
Ephemera | Soft Cover | Signed Copies | Handwritten

Joseph John Gurney, a handwritten, signed letter to his family from New York, 1838

An important Quaker letter, referencing the schism in Quakerism, and his reforms in America
Joseph John Gurney
Not Published, New York, 1838
Ephemera | Soft Cover | Signed Copies | Handwritten

Henry Scott Tuke, handwritten letter from Swanpool, Falmouth

Henry Scott Tuke
Not Published, Swanpool, Falmouth, 1895
Ephemera | Soft Cover | Signed Copies | Handwritten

Rowland Mason Ordish, original documents pertaining to Albert Bridge, 1857–1871

with an original drawing by Max Ende, and a signed copy of Harold Hartley's Eight Eight—Not Out (1939)
Rowland Mason Ordish, and including Max Ende, Harold T Hartley and Charles Wessely
Not Published, London, n.d.
Ephemera | Soft Cover | Signed Copies | First Editions | Handwritten | Association Copy

TINTIN 33 Voir et Savoir cards

from the Aviation Guerre 1939–1945 series by Herge
Casterman, Tournai, 1955
Ephemera | Soft Cover

JOHN LENNON 'IMAGINE' folded book art

A remarkable and unique piece by Sarah Leighton of Landau House
Albert Goldman, with book folding art by Sarah Leighton
Bantam Press, London, 1988
Ephemera | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

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