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Man's Supreme Inheritance

1918, second edition, F Matthias Alexander's first book on The Alexander Technique
F Matthias Alexander, with an introduction by Professor John Dewey and appreciations from Prof. Frank Granger, Rev J H Jowett, Prof. H M Kallen, and Prof John Dewey
Methuen, London, 1918
Philosophy | Hard Cover

The Art of Being Ruled

Wyndham Lewis' theoretical and cultural statement of the 1920s
Wyndham Lewis
Chatto & Windus, London, 1926
Philosophy | Hard Cover | First Editions

Pain, Sex and Time

A New Hypothesis of Evolution—and James Dean's favourite book!
Gerald Heard
Cassell, London, 1940
Philosophy | Hard Cover

Straight and Crooked Thinking

A guide to the art of correct thinking and honest argument
Robert H Thouless
English University Press, London, 1952
Philosophy | Hard Cover | Dustwrapper

Tudor School-Boy Life

Twenty-five dialogues by Juan Luis Vives
Juan Luis Vives, translated by Foster Watson
J M Dent, London, 1908
Philosophy | Hard Cover | First Editions

Manual of Neo-Scholastic Philosophy

A rare first printing
Charles R Baschab
B Herder Book Co, St Louis & London, 1923
Philosophy | Hard Cover | First Editions

Life Problems (Memorabilia)

An early edition of Yogendra's epigrams
Shri Yogendra
Yoga, Bombay & New York, 1934
Philosophy | Hard Cover

Memoria Technica

Richard Grey's Method of Artificial Memory
Richard Grey
W Lowndes, London, 1799
Philosophy | Hard Cover | Leather Bound

Nietzsche and the Ideals of Modern Germany

An examination of Nietzsche's work in light of the Great War
Herbert Leslie Stewart
Edward Arnold, London, 1915
Philosophy | Hard Cover | First Editions

Holding the Centre

Coming to Judgement IIB
Ian Robinson
Brynmill Press, Herefordshire, 2008
Philosophy | Hard Cover | First Editions | Dustwrapper

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